Hi, My Name Is Joella And I Built This GroovePages Website Because I'm Super Excited to Share Groove and SAS Affiliate With Everyone

Joella Bower

I've been an entrepreneur for the past decade and I love owning my own business but it's not always easy.  I began with my own coaching business and as I was on a shoestring budget when I first started and so I dove in to learn all the techy stuff I needed to have to make my business run and I discovered something amazing, I love the tech! 

I was as surprised as anyone that I was good at tech and that I actually enjoyed it. Nobody was more surprised than myself.  I love to learn new platforms and programs and I love to teach others.

I love working with clients to make deep transformational changes using modalities such as EFT Tapping and Hypnosis but I also love helping entrepreneurs to uplevel their business by figuring out what processes and platforms they need to increase their business.

I worked as the Marketing Manager for 5 years for a high level coach certification company and learned so much about the back end of building that type of business. 

I've done some affiliate marketing from both sides - as someone promoting products and programs to earn an affiliate commission and working with affiliates for the company I worked for to provide them with the promotional assets that they need to promote the programs.

I'm super excited to focus more on affiliate marketing as an affiliate and part of the excitement comes from the combination of SAS Affiliate and Groove Pages.

I am married for 30 years in February 2021 and have two wonderful children. 

I look forward to having some of you in my mastermind program soon. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a bonus that comes from signing up for the paid version of Groove.

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