Important: My Honest Groove Pages Review

What I Really Think About Mike Filsaime's New Website & Funnel Builder After Trying It Out

What Is Groove Pages?

You may hear of Groove Pages being referred to as Groove Funnels but it’s basically the same thing. There is a free for life version of Groove which many refer to as Groove Pages/Sell Lite. The free lifetime version of Groove Pages offers a page builder similar to Lead Pages but with the power of building funnels and selling digital products and programs. It may be easier to understand by checking out the “My Projects” page where I take you for a “look behind the curtain” to show you what I mean. I saw the offer for the “free for life” version sometime in April and while I was deeply involved in something else at the time, I knew the credibility of Mike Filsame and the platforms that he creates so it was a no-brainer to jump on that offer quick. I didn’t even need to put in a credit card to sign up. As an entrepreneur for the past decade, I remember thinking, “you never know when you may need a page/funnel builder.”

Groove Pages Free and Paid Versions

I’ve given a bit of a description of the free for life version of Groove above but there is also a paid version too. You don’t need to ever upgrade if you don’t need all of the extras that you could get with the paid version but for some people, the power of everything that will be included with the paid versions of Groove will be to good to pass up. As of the initial writing of this review (6/30/20), there is a lifetime upgrade to Groove Platinum which will include things like Groove Mail, Groom Member (Membership Site), Groove Webinar (Live & Automated), Groove Surveys & Quizes, Groove Blog, Groove Kart and much more. In the not too distant future, the paid version of Groove will be at different levels and be a monthly recurring charge. Even at the monthly paid version, this platform will be a must for an serious business owner who wants lighting fast pages, funnels and websites with all of the integrated programs that you could need.

Groove Pages and SAS Affiliate - A Perfect Match

Groove Pages can be used for any business you can imagine. If your business needs to generate leads that become sales, the lighting fast pages and funnels that Groove Pages can create is a must. SAS Affiliate was created with the power of Groove Pages in mind as the creators recognized the power of the platform. Their training is based on using Groove Pages as the funnel/website builder. Why? Because Groove Pages is super-fast, super powerful and an SEO monster. The whole idea of the SAS Affiliate course is to quickly building lighting-fast pages that get ranked on the first page of Google super fast. With the speed and power of Groove Funnel Pages and the laser focused affiliate training in this course, your affiliate will be ranked lightning fast!

Is Groove Pages Similar To Click Funnels?

Many people are comparing Groove Funnels with Click Funnels and if you’re familiar with what Click Funnels can do then you can imagine what the upgraded version of Groove can do. The free lifetime version is probably more comparable to Leadpages with a shopping cart integration. This is a brand new program with brand new affiliate offers being built on a new but powerful platform. This is early days and you can be an early adopter and take advantage of that to position at the top of Google searches for years to come!

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Join Groove

Once you grab access to your free for life Groove Pages account, you'll never have to worry about paying for funnel pages again (unless you need more than the lite version). However, I don't know how long they'll keep the free for life offer open to new accounts so make sure you grab yours today! Just click the link below to sign up with No Credit Card Needed for the Free for Life Groove Account!

Get Groove Pages Free Here!

Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

  • Q. How many funnels or websites can I build?

 - Up to three (3) with the free version and unlimited with the upgraded paid version. 

  • Q. How many products or programs can I sell with Groove?

 - Unlimited on both the paid and the free version.

  • Q. Can I become an affiliate of Groove?

 - Yes, you will get a 20% commission if you are a free account holder and 40% if you are a paid account holder. Plus you can earn 2nd tier commissions – 5% for free account holders and 10% for paid account holders. provides links to an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and affiliate commissions.

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